Securing Smartphones

Protect your Smartphones

Most of us have already put in place some safeguards against spyware/malware on desktops or laptops. Now with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, we need to start protecting mobile devices against the malicious programs.

Although not as prevalent (yet) as on desktops, spyware problem on mobile devices is catching up real fast. Spyware usually gets installed on a phone if a user inadvertently clicks on an enticing link sent via emails or while browsing. Someone might end up buying a phone online with spyware installed.

Spyware can allow your cell phone to be hijacked by someone who can then listen into your calls, see text messages sent/received,  and track your location via GPS updates. It can allow access to your mobile passwords resulting in identity thefts… so the impact can be really devastating!

One such example of a spyware is FinFisher, developed by Gamma group in UK. The company claims that it’s program is made available only for law enforcement agencies. Also, there are some sites that are now selling software that can to be used to spy using someone’s smartphone…scary!

Check out following useful links:

How to detect spyware on a smartphone

How to remove spyware from a smartphone

You would think that with stringent approval process at Apple’s store or at Android App download sites, it is impossible to down infected apps, well think again…

There are some mobile device apps that will help protect from phones against Malware. Click here to see Bonnie Cha’s (All Things Digital)  review of two such mobile apps. (‘Look out mobile security’ , ‘Avast Free Mobile Security’ – for Androids only).

Microsoft offers additional tips on securing your smartphones

So, get yourself some protection… at minimum, always use passcodes on your phones, never let anyone use your phone and most importantly never open links in e-mails sent to you by unknown senders.


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