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A Senior Information Technology Executive with expertise in building world class global IT organizations to improve company profitability and growth. Experienced in supporting multiple large scale acquisitions & global system implementations with consistent track record of reducing cost of IT service delivery.

Using Advanced Analytics to Redefine IT Service Excellence

Enabling profitable revenue growth, business scalability, operational efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction by using rapid innovation has now become the prime focus for any CIO office. Modern IT organizations have positioned themselves to be in-charge of setting up the big … Continue reading

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User-centric IT: Is it a Fad or a real Opportunity for IT to shine?

Traditionally, IT departments have always deployed enterprise solutions by focusing on the business problems first and secondly on the user needs. It is no surprise that most of the projects do not fetch intended business results due to low user … Continue reading

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Cognitive Computing – New Era of IT

When IBM’s Watson defeated the previous human champions on the jeopardy show, it was the beginning of new Cognitive computing era. This new era of computing changes how humans and computers interact. Cognitive systems will understand the world in the … Continue reading

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Collaborative Economy – Disrupting Businesses

Imagine a world in which in addition to sharing pictures, opinions and activities on the social media, people start sharing goods and services with each other. Early indicators of this disruption can already be seen in the following areas: Space … Continue reading

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Open Data is here now!

Imagine a world where vital information will enable individuals to become more occupied with their communities and more engaged in making their respective governments responsible. Such a world would not only be beautiful but also be a place with better … Continue reading

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Gamification – How can it help your business?

Working extra hours on the project gets 50 points per hour. Finishing the task before the deadline gets bonus points for extra time. Convincing the client about your product gets 250 points (because that is the expert level). The team … Continue reading

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Web-Scale Computing: Coming to a Data Center near you!

What if the IT competencies of Google, Facebook and Amazon (aka hyperscale data centers) could be replicated by your own IT teams in your company’s data centers? It would then be called web-scale computing in an enterprise IT.  According to … Continue reading

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