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Cognitive Computing – New Era of IT

When IBM’s Watson defeated the previous human champions on the jeopardy show, it was the beginning of new Cognitive computing era. This new era of computing changes how humans and computers interact. Cognitive systems will understand the world in the … Continue reading

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Collaborative Economy – Disrupting Businesses

Imagine a world in which in addition to sharing pictures, opinions and activities on the social media, people start sharing goods and services with each other. Early indicators of this disruption can already be seen in the following areas: Space … Continue reading

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Web-Scale Computing: Coming to a Data Center near you!

What if the IT competencies of Google, Facebook and Amazon (aka hyperscale data centers) could be replicated by your own IT teams in your company’s data centers? It would then be called web-scale computing in an enterprise IT.  According to … Continue reading

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DevOps – What is the fuss about?

Industry trends are changing how companies think about software development and delivery. According to IBM’s institute for business value, following software trends are impacting business competitiveness: Proliferation of mobile devices Explosion of unstructured data Need to collaborate across multiple value … Continue reading

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Microservers in the cloud

Microservers                        Changes brought about by the rise in cloud computing have had a huge impact on servers and server design. Unlike enterprise IT departments, cloud companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook tend to custom design their infrastructures to handle various … Continue reading

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Hybrid is the New Cloud

Cloud Computing is like the genie from the magic lamp these days. It just pops out of the blues every now and then, when you need anything related to IT. By now, we all know a thing or two about … Continue reading

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