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User-centric IT: Is it a Fad or a real Opportunity for IT to shine?

Traditionally, IT departments have always deployed enterprise solutions by focusing on the business problems first and secondly on the user needs. It is no surprise that most of the projects do not fetch intended business results due to low user … Continue reading

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Gamification – How can it help your business?

Working extra hours on the project gets 50 points per hour. Finishing the task before the deadline gets bonus points for extra time. Convincing the client about your product gets 250 points (because that is the expert level). The team … Continue reading

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Leadership – Effectively managing globally distributed teams

In today‚Äôs day and age, when companies want access to globally available, highly skilled resources at lowest possible costs (from anywhere in the world), it is not uncommon to find that teams have become geographically distributed. Yes, productivity can suffer … Continue reading

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Leadership – How to improve execution capabilities?

This post is for those IT leaders who are interested in improving execution capabilities of their teams. While IT leaders might have great looking (& sounding) vision/mission, roadmap and strategy documents, execution is where most of the mishaps can happen. … Continue reading

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